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Our desire at Hands On Deck is to create a diverse professional staff that can meet the needs of anyone who’s looking to relocate-from start to finish.

We’re thrilled to offer junk removal services to our customers at select locations. A natural transition for our brand, our professionally trained movers can now assist you with junk removal needs, taking care of the heavy lifting and disposal of unwanted items so you don’t have to.

Moving the elderly takes a lot of care and we’re the company to provide just that! Whether it’s a local move or long distance, you can rest assure that your loved ones’ belongings will be treated with the utmost amount of care.

With dedicated years of combined local moving experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next move.

Moving across the country? Across the state? We are here to assist with a wide variety of long-distance moving services.

Whether you need packing teams, or decide to do it yourself, LET US GIVE YOU A HAND™. From packing just a few items or an entire home.